Blockchainizer aims to alleviate some of the fear and uncertainty that potential users feel about Blockchain technology. My research suggests that much of this fear stems from the austere, minimal design of consumer technology products. As such, the collection envisions how these products might look if they were developed to be warm and friendly, translating this design language into clothing.


The collection is sponsored by Swarovski and features hand-appliquéd crystal work along with vinyl accents and appliqués.


Research Imagery

Flats and Digital Patternmaking

Flat sketches and digital patternmaking for Singularity Capsule Collection. Patternmaking and flat sketching were completed in Adobe Illustrator

Node Tailcoat

Node Turtleneck

Vidalia Trousers

Node Tank

Decentralized Network Mesh Turtleneck

Fork Trousers

ASIC T-Shirt

Decentralized Network Lycra Turtleneck


Ripple Jeans

Ripple Jacket

Ether Hoodie 1.0

Ether Shorts

Decentralizezd Network Lycra Legging

Fork Tux

Node Tux

Correction Trouser

Vidalia Hoodie

Ether Hoodie 2.0

Nonce Trousers

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