Alacritous is a queer nightlife label making clothing and accessories for the internet age. The label draws inspiration from emerging technologies, memes, and  science fiction films. The resulting collections are eclectic, reflective and remixable.

Incorporated in 2012, Alacritous aims to push the menswear market into the future of surface design and materiality. Past collections have synthesized digital production techniques with exquisite hand-crafts. This has resulted in unlikely pairings, such as machine knitting with Swarovski crystal pavé,  algorithmic print development of cut-and-sew knits and CNC-vinyl cut denim appliqués.

Alacritous is designed and produced in-studio in Manhattan. The label develops everything from eyewear to footwear: to have you covered from head to toe! If you want to collaborate or have something custom dreamed up, feel free to reach out to us.